Brief words on the subject of learning to be patient

I lament that I am not a patient person. Caught between action and inaction, I will choose to be rash for the sake of opportunity.

It’s something that I have only recently begun to understand about myself. I used to put it down to passion or a need to live dangerously, but the former is not always the case and the latter is plainly untrue.

It’s only now that I appreciate where my desire to risk all comes from. At university, I developed an appetite for constant movement; a goal-orientated lifestyle centred around constantly challenging myself. Finish assignment, walk six miles, hit the gym, read this, do that, sleep.

I listed my goals, breaking them down and reviewing them as I went. It was an epiphany, I was suddenly doing things, before constrained to my dreams, at a pace I didn’t think was possible. I was calmer, quicker, leaner and healthier than I’d ever been.

All of a sudden, I was staring at the final two bullet points on a scrap of paper I’d had for three years. Finish university. Get a job.

With the momentum I was carrying, I didn’t find it difficult to motivate myself.

Time to slow down.